Despite being a veteran company, Jatco is a true innovator within the insurance industry and has always been on the forefront of new policies and legislation. The company, which has been working in the industry for more than 30 years, tasked us with repositioning the business while staying loyal to its founding roots.


We wanted to bring back the company’s core tagline – individual attention you deserve – to the frontline. The brand repositioning process meant that the company’s brand had to change significantly and needed to adapt to their new international market that attracted the PCC service offering.


This led us to create a new strategy for Jatco, supported by a complete overhaul of all customer touch points. For the brand, we wanted to create something that feels corporate, yet bold, friendly and yet edgy. We managed to create a brand that feels modern but still rooted to its formidable past. This was possible by extending the company’s digital presence, primarily by providing an impeccable user experience that emulates the brand’s customer service.

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