Platin Casino

Introducing Platin Casino to the Maltese Market


As a new and upcoming player in the highly competitive online gambling industry, Platin Casino is cutting to the chase by prompting new gaming changing features on to their platform. The challenge was to create an appealing message whilst communicating these advantage in this highly regularised market.



Our approach to such a problem was to dissect these core functions of the casino into distinctive USPs, this allowed us to create a clear line of communication and messaging with our audience. Given the market, and young fresh vibe that Platin Casino has, we opted to build a story for each USP to highlight its core functionality whilst giving the story a comedic twist. This led us to create a series of comedic brand adverts with one main actor being the common denominator across the series.


The final result created enough buzz around the brand locally that the brand decided to use these adverts in their other international territories. 


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