The Chartering Company

Giving Accessibility to Chartering.


The creation of a brand the is built to cater for any types of chartering services

Built on three pillars of chartinering starting from boats and evolving in private jets and super cards. Creation of one stop shop for chartering.


The Strategy for this brand was to create an elevated feel, to reflect the product and its value proposition. Using the three pillars, as our reference point and combining this with common elements across all transportation mediums, lead us to create a sleek and recognisable shape to represent the brand,


An online brand only without it’s digital experience it’s nothing. So as part of our holistic solution we’ve built an online platform where the Users can book any boats they’re after; whilst the boat owner can manage the booking.


Finally we created a go to market strategy to help the business of the ground and help create more brand awareness whilst reaching the ultimate goal i.e. generate more bookings on the site.

Your business is our business.

let's make it happen