We were entrusted to come up with the branding for this exciting new project in the south of the island. Basecamp is an infrastructural project by Gaming Malta, through which game creators and all those who work in the esports and game development sector, are offered a common office space where their business can start and flourish.

Basecamp is essentially an incubator where different start-ups in the gaming industry network, meet and come up with fresh ideas.


The brand idea was developed using digits that are normally used in coding – the language of game development. That is why we worked on a brand entirely made up of the number 1 and the zero (0). Working on this project, we had to liaise with interior designers and other professionals to get the vibe of what the finished project will look like.


Now Basecamp is a hub buzzing with innovation and creativity in the esports and video game sector.

Your business is our business.

let's make it happen